Thursday, December 20, 2007

This can only happen to me!!! I found a great new band today and the lead singer looks like him!!! Haha!! Really what is the universe trying to tell me? Twist of fate .. Twist of fate, baby!!

That's another band to the list. He recommended Green Day to me and I started listening to Pink Floyd because that's his favorite band!! Gawd!!

This takes me back to the first day I saw him. I remember, the minute I saw him, I knew. That was both our first days to our first jobs. Luckily we both ended up in the same training group. Nine weeks of training and man, I kept on falling, without even knowing it. Then we ended up in the same team. Wow .... But then he abruptly left because that wasn't his cup of tea.

We had really hit it off and were talking almost the whole day and then on the phone. I realized that I had a soft corner for him but I didn't know that it would snowball into this.

Of course, I never told him. I couldn't.

All we have now is one or two messages that are exchanged over some social networking site every month or two.

I always got that vibe from him. Ha!! Wishful thinking, I guess!!

Pretty soon, he's going to go away to uni. And then the last glimmer of hope will be gone with him.

I don't know what's right or wrong. All I know that I can't keep the candle burning anymore and that I need to pull myself out of this mess.

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