Strange Coincidence ...
10:00 PM | Author: Rambunctious WhipperSnapper
So I was thinking (yeah, that is a little tricky sometimes), and I came across this strange coincidence.

This is between my first girl crush and first real guy crush (Ryan) .....

(a) Both of them share the same last name
(b) Both of them were bespectacled
(c) Both of them were the same height
(d) Both of them broke my heart
(e) I wrote a blog to get over both of them
(f) The girl was my first year of college and the guy was in the first year of my job

Wow!! I never realized that. And no ... it doesn't mean I'm bi .. I'm Gay (I love saying that now .. hehe). I loved the girl but never really found her sexually attractive!!! Go figure!!! But I'm glad the thing with the girl happened cause that helped me grow up and mature.
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