Friday, December 21, 2007

Get Over IT!!

If we are face with adversity we look for strength inside us. I guess if I look within myself (metaphorically speaking), I will find strength to face this. But, how does one actually look within themselves?

Anyway, I think my problems are quite trivial compared to what a lot of people in the world are going through. There are people with REAL problems out there. Like a single parent working two jobs, a battered wife facing her husband's wrath, a father whose son is fighting in the war, a mother waiting for her lost child to come home, a family who have to move out of their home . My issues are nothing compared to that. So I think I need to stop boo-hooing and get the fuck over it!!

I pray to God to give all the people with real problems in their life the strength and courage to fight the pain and emerge stronger. OM OM OM ....

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Stray said...

:) Really liked this one.

U'r heart's in the right place, RWS. Peace.