Friday, December 21, 2007

5 Things ...

Since I'm in the mood for confessions, I got this rad (yes, some people still use this word) idea of writing down 5 things that I claim that I have done but I actually never have:

5. Completed reading The Count of Monty Christo
4. Like Cricket (As in I actually hate it !!)
3. Hit on someone in a Bar
2. Smoked Weed
1. A Threesome (!!!!)

Wow ..... Hehehehe ....Such a weird list ..... Very hard to compile though :) :) !!


Stray said...

Aw! U haven't had a threesome?! Guess you're getting all technical in that the orgies don't count, I suppose. ;p

unsungpsalm said...

I HOPE you've read COMC by now. If not, shoot yourself.