Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Random Thoughts ...

What a week!! My room was being renovated so I had to shift to another room :gasp: :gasp: . And I had to get some work done, which if you know me, is mostly impossible. So, I was busy selecting the color of the paint, the design of the sofa and busy thinking how great it would be if I could get Anthony Antipov to paint my room wearing only boxers.

And since I was on the other side of the house, I had to be a tad bit social, which if you know me, is impossible. So, I had to actually greet people who came over to meet my family. Usually, when we are invaded by an army of guests, I go to my room, but since it wasn't available :sigh: :sigh:, I had to actually make nice with people, which if you know me is mostly impossible.

I had to disconnect and reconnect the computer twice.

So I was reading a few blogs and I realised that I'm on the wrong side of 20. 25 to be precise.
I was looking at some pics of Ryan Sheckler and all through the hotness I felt like a creepy old man!!

I usually do beleive that things don't happen before their time, but I feel that I might have passed my Gay prime without even coming out ... :( :( .

I know ... I know .... I need to see a therapist, which, if you know me, is never gonna happen.

My newly renovated room looks good. Yay!! The fruit of my hard work (Right!!) ...... I hope to have some gay sex in this room ..... soon, which, if you know me, might take some time. The only thing missing is a big life size shirtless poster of John Cena, which if you know me, might not happen in this hemisphere.

By the way, I DID end up pinging Ryan ... I know ... glutton for self destruction/moping around. I found out he is going to go for an interview to Uni in two days ....... Now the big Question is whether I ping/text/mail him or go personally/ask him to get a restraining order.
In the interest of fairness/proving that I am not a stakler (who am i kidding) ... I'll just wish him with a text and sing "cry me a river" waiting for his reply (which, if you know me, is a strange but distinct possibility).

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