Adamo Ruggiero comes out
3:06 AM | Author: Rambunctious WhipperSnapper

Adamo: You're a great inspiration to a lot of people out there and a great role model!!

Adamo Ruggiero, the guy who plays the gay guy, Marco Del Rossi, on Degrassi: The Next Generation has come out publicly. Thought that's happening a lot these days, however, what is commendable about Adamo is that he's just 21 and his whole career is ahead of him. It' great to have people like him who are ready to be who they are, even though they are in the public eye and still be true to themselves. It's a giant step to take and to take it in front of the whole world is even more commendable.

And, on a totally different subject, he's soooo cute. One of the guys I have on my list, :P .

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