It's Phase 2
10:53 PM | Author: Rambunctious WhipperSnapper
A couple of events over the past two days have made me realize that I've entered Phase 2 in the whole "Getting over Ryan" project. I have no idea what Phase 1 or two are, but I'm definitely in phase2.

How did I come across such a conclusion? Well, a few events changed my opinion.

First, he wasn't the first one I texted for New year's. In fact he was the last one I texted. Also, I did not jump like a prehistoric monkey-who-sees-a-banana (even the analogy is gay!!) when I got his text. So that made me happy. Secondly, he left me a message on my profile on a social-networking-site and I did not grin like crazy when I saw the notification email. So after humming "Cry me a river" (by JT no less) and pondering over the thought, I came to the conclusion that, I am in phase 2 (well, nerdy and gay, but who cares). So there.

And, whoever is reading this (not many people are, by the by), have a great 2008!!!
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