Sunday, February 10, 2008

It's been crazy .....

It's been a real crazy ten days.

I've got family visiting from overseas.

I was really dreading thier visit because:

(a) They would expect me to drop everything and show them around
(b) I would tirelessly have to explain the difference between how things work here and how they work in their home country
(c) They would disturb my really busy schedule i.e. moping around, reading self-help (okay ... self-development... geez) books, trying to figure out what I wanted to do, Eat, reading gay blogs, writing gay blogs, looking at gay erotica ( know....but erotica sounds better), figuring out what I want to do with my life....dreading valentines day ..... etc. etc. Now whilst these may seem like frivolous activities to the average Joe, to me it sounds really busy and err...ahem... fun.

But right now, it is kinda working out fine as:

(1) I had to drop everything to show them around
(2) I tirelessly answered a lot of their "Is it popular here?" questions with just a hint of sarcasm and foul language
(3) I had to dispense advise to them on relationships (makes me laugh too...... it's like asking Hitler about racial equality)
(4) Restrain myself from coming out to them (cause they seem to be really homophobic, and I wouldn't want them to know before the rest of my family...cause they gossip...a lot)
(5) Had to take them out to a lot of places which forced me to drop a lot of activities listen in point (c) in the previous list
(6) Having to give them advise about relationships really makes me feel good about not being straight

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