Friday, August 15, 2008


Freedom means being able to choose your own destiny.

Freedom means giving and receiving love, without being judged for it.

Freedom means not worrying about what someone else thinks about the choices you make in life.

Freedom means wanting to embrace who you really are, without worrying about what other people say.

Freedom means not wishing to be anyone else but yourself. Nothing added, nothing subtracted.

Freedom means not having to compare your own life with the lives of other people.

Freedom means feeling happy for others for the love & happiness in their lives, even though it may be missing from your own.

Freedom means following your own bliss and not living your life according to someone else's script.

Freedom means to always be yourself and not pretend to be what you are not.

Freedom means making mistakes, owning up to them and learning from them.

Freedom means the right to find your own way to God. Or not believing in him/her at all.

Freedom means not subscribing to the classification of every action into good or evil.

Freedom means realizing that the world is your oyster.

Freedom means chasing your dream, even though everybody else and their uncle think you are meant to do something else.

Freedom means the ability to laugh at everything, especially your own self.

Freedom means opening your eyes to see the funny lining of the dark cloud, even though others choose to be blind to it.

Freedom means not becoming a prisoner of your own mind.

Freedom means not owing anybody any explanation.

Freedom means not to fall in the trap of "right" or "wrong".

Freedom means not putting a label on yourself or on anyone else.

Freedom means not living up to any stereotype.

Freedom means saying what is in your heart and not worrying about the consequences.

Freedom means trusting your own judgment, despite those various moments of weakness.

Freedom means defying convention to do your own thing.

Freedom means laughing at your own joke even though no one else thinks it's funny.

Freedom means letting go. Finally.

Freedom means moving on without looking over your shoulder.

Freedom means singing your own song, no matter how much out of rhythm it is.

Freedom means to look fear in the eye and saying "Bite me, bitch".

Freedom means deciding to risk it, just one more time.

Freedom means telling someone that you love them. Even if they can't hear you.

Freedom means leaving the job you didn't love to chase after the job that you really want.

Freedom means having that last piece of choclate cake. Even though it's too many calories.

Freedom means that even though they can chain you, jail you, trap you, maybe even kill you, but they cannot change who you are and what you believe in.

Freedom. Independence. This is what it means to me. What does it mean to you?


D said...

And another award awaits you at my blog!

Anonymous said...

Ahh, you got every point there...

Freedom means to be free hehe.... Free like bird.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, you got every point there...

Freedom means to be free hehe.... Free like bird.

chandni said...

freedom is to be allowed to stumble, to get up and to move on, on your own.

To be able to breathe free, to e able to do all that u said, and so much more.

Freedom to me, summed up, is "being me"

Anonymous said...

Freedom is gorging on the entire pack of CHOCO PIE minus guilt pangs

Freedom is goring on cheese caramel popcorn immediately after your work out

Freedom is when you’re NOT answerable to your parents, when u don’t have to give them explanations/justifications for not attending a family function

Freedom is when you can bluntly say, “Listen asshole, don’t u understand I’m just not into you. To hell with with tht cup of coffee.”

Freedom is when u can turn down ppl, look them in the eye and say, “U know u really suck. It’s a torture to put up with your crap even for a few seconds. Plz buzz off.”

I think BLACK looks classy. So Freedom to me is picking up the same ghisa pita black print even if my cupboard is overflowing with blacks tees and everything black

Kris Bass said...

I have no words to say. You are simply brilliant!

(See, I can't even talk straight!)

Neha said...

Freedom means to dream big, and be able to follow through with them, to make them a reality one day.

Best of the Independence day posts/articles i've read today :)! Kudos, Rambo!

Keep Writing!

closetalk said...

how's the cold... dumbass?

A rebel all the way... said...

Very nice post...
freedom (for others) means (self) sacrifice..
freedom (for the country) means putting others' interests before yours..

Anonymous said...

Freedom is something that you could take away from Ramby, to kill him in a whiff of a second.

An award from me as well...

The Line of Beauty said...

great post!!

I truly envy you the way you express yourself, and I excercise my freedom when I say so ;)