Friday, August 22, 2008

The Dream

After having a zillion bad days, finally he was having a good one. It was as if, for him ,the tide had suddenly turned. Finally all the pieces of his life were coming together.

Just yesterday, he had received the reply to his message. The first real date of his life was going to be tonight.

And now the call from the publisher. His dream of seeing his name in print was finally coming true.

All those years of struggling to come to terms with himself and all that time he spent wondering whether he was doing the right thing or not was a now a part of the past. The past which he could now bury and move on.

He would not be a failure in world's eyes anymore.

He could not wait to tell is parents. He cut his morning walk short and started running towards his house.

Then, in a flash, it was all over. He never even saw the car speeding towards him.

His name did appear in print. It was in the form of his obituary.

However, he would have to wait for that date. For an eternity.


pepe M. said...

alr8, tell me this is just a fictitious story k?

gosh, i shudder!

D said...

Awww... that's so depressing!

I Me Myself said...

this was one of your experiments, i guess. your original style is so much wackier, which i'm so fond of!
good structure though :-)

Piper .. said...

aww.. why such morbid thoughts :-(( your usual funny style is so much better really!

Kris Bass said...

Guys! Wake up!

It's my life! RAMBWS has just ripped my story out and claimed that it's fiction!

(Secretly tries to avoide spilling over his awe)

Running back home! I'm not going for morning walks!


unsungpsalm said...

Yes, for I moment, I did think he had taken upon himself to respond to each and every one of our posts...

I'm shocked, Ramby. Where did this come from?

closetalk said...

hmmm.. so... how abt some stronger sleeping pills then?

Crazy Sam said...

I was kinda wondering where did that Whippy go who wrote posts which were far from being funny and explicit, but could make you gaze at the monitor wondering how the ending is gonna be as you are reading through.

No people, this is not one of his experiments. In fact when I started reading his blog, this was his style. I for one is happy to know that you didn't let this part of Whippy to rest.

Now coming to think of it, I'm wondering when did you start being funny and explicit. You were not at all like this. You used to be all "proper." Remember?? I was actually surprised when you used the f-word in one of the comments?!!

By the way, this post instantly made me think of your "Close But No Cigar." May be because both had sad ending.

Guys! CLICK HERE to see Whippy's other fictional works.

Neha said...


Cool story Rambo! A bit morose though. Well, something's are worth the wait, even if it's an eternity long :). Right?

Anyways, Keep writing!

bloggingknight said...


Good story Ramby.

garyan said...

that killed my hope in a snap!
and it was so real!

Rambunctious WhipperSnapper said...

pepe: Oh yeah .. it is fiction. Well, almost.

d: Really? I thought it was a bit fun, though. But I can see why you would say that.

i me myself: thank you ...

piper: The alcohol hadn't set in yet :( ....

Kriss: Wow!! You are a bigger hypochondriac than me, good doctor. Sorry to disappoint ya buddy, but it ain't about you. I though you wanted to be a rock star, not an author?

However, it is about somebody. Somebody I have observed from very close quarters. Let's just cal him Dan in real life.

usp: No, I'm not responding to anyone's posts unsung. I don't now where you get such ideas.

This post came from the medicine cabinet I call my brain. (place smiley here)

ct: I'm on it. I've already had discussions with my favorite medical health professional about increased dosage/stronger medicines/more alcohol.

Sammy: thanks, buddy *wink*

neha: Nothing's worth waiting for an eternity, Neha. Nothing. Unless you combine the words "vodka" , "gin" and "ice tea".

dk: thanks dk ...

garyan: wow ,, thank you ... I was hoping it would be ....

Prash said...

It is just a fiction, I am sure !

chandni said...