Thursday, March 6, 2008

10 things ....

10 things I want to say to some people but can't (No Names):

10.Get over it, bitch. And stop calling me.
9. Mine is bigger.
8. Can I pay to get your head surgically removed from your ass?
7. You married her!! Now you're screwed.
6. I'm gay!! Got a problem with that?
5. It's called being a whore. And, no, I'm not judging.
4. You should never be allowed to have kids.
3. Be a man for once in your life. Stand up to them.
2. It's called Karma, baby!!
1. Love me, you fool!! LOVE ME!!

Though I wasn't tagged, I tag everyone who reads this post. It's very cathartic. Try it once.

1 comment:

W said...

Hahahaha... Nice list, but you kow what I recall Meredith Grey saying the No 1 thing on your list, many many, many times in season 1 of Grey's Anatomy. It's a crap show taht I don't recommend to anyone, anymore.