Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Stalker is back

Yes. You read the title right. And no, this does not refer to me. (*hears collective gasp*)

So, there is this girl, who has been in love with me for the past 4 or 5 years. (*Stop pinching yourself*). Let's refer to her as S girl from now on. So here is the story.

S girl and me have been friends since childhood because our dads were best friends. We're about the same age, though one of us is a few months older. So since childhood we became friends because our parents used to meet often and well, playing with each other was better then trying to understand our parents conversation. So we became sorta/pseudo friends. We also used to fight a lot because of our different views of life (mainly because I was rubber and she was glue ...ahem. Yeah).

Anyways, we grew up and reached that age when my parents couldn't force me to tag along everywhere they went. So we used to rarely meet and lost touch.
Then one day, due to some inexplicable reason, our families decided to go for an overnight picnic to someplace to have a family picnic. I had to tag along after being requested/forced/bribed.
So we met and well strangely got along and had some nice conversations. We started somewhere in the day and ended up talking to each other till the next morning.
We had covered a range of subjects (love, life, parents, sex, abortion ....) and she had fallen asleep (in the morning, after breakfast) on my lap (yes, it was a signal...errr..maybe not).
So S girl and me exchanged numbers and became friends again albeit in a more mature sense of the word. We met a few times on our own (our parents knew about it) and she even bought her best friend to see me one day (no, it was a girl, sadly). Anyway, so, she we continued to keep in touch over the phone, meet up a few times, etc.

So then there was this this huge marriage in my family, and due to a combination of having all my friends in nauseating relationships and feeling lonely at a wedding, I kind of convinced myself that I love her and I sort of asked her out. After a few emotional phone calls, we started going out. I found out that this was her first relationship. I already was aware that she was selfish and needy, but I also found out that she was this whiny, needy, overbearing, overpossessive, irritating (all qualities straight guys look for in a wife) girl. So, to save myself from insanity, I broke up with her a few days before the wedding. Feeling lonely was always better than feeling overwhelmingly insane.

So the wedding came and went and as her birthday came up and I wished her through a text message (oooooooooo .....).

So a few days late, I was having dinner with one of my friends and told him the whole story. He told me that I was stupid and that true love only comes once and that I should at least give her a chance etc. etc. So he, having the infinite wisdom of the ages, made me call her and kind of set up a date to meet her the next day. He tagged along.

So after we met her, I was again turned off more by her and he, again in his infinite wisdom, had just the following to tell me "Stay as far away from her as possible!!". And this was not just because she had promised to join salsa classes with him. No siree Bob.

So as I now had conformation, I stayed the fuck away from her.

Over the next month her attitude began to completely change. She used to give me missed calls on my mobile every hour. She started sending me dozens of messages on my mobile. When I did not respond to her calls and messages, she started calling on my landline and after even those attempts failed, she used to try to give me a call from a different number each time. It was so bad that I had to change my number a few times. She used to call my landline under different pretexts or have her friends call and get my new number. I literally stopped giving out my mobile number at all. Six months into this, I told my parents. My Dad didn't beleive me until I showed him the messages she used to send me. I had saved those messages because I wanted to have proof that I wasn't contacting her at all because I feared that she would claim to be the mother of my child one day (seriously, it was THAT bad!!).

The kind of messages that had started to come from her bordered on crazy & psyco. They started from love messages to explicit xxxx messages to really bad wife-killing-husband jokes.
I requested my parents not to say anything to hers because I didn't want a friendship of a few decades to be spoilt by a raging psychopath. But then her parents started to call me to wish me on my birthday, her mom kept asking about me from my mom. However, after a year, all this stopped, though I continued to receive one sided conversation messages from her. I even started using my old number again.

I cut of all contact I had with the whole group of our parents common friends and never used to attend a wedding, dinner or anything of those families.

So, last year, I heard that she was getting married. I was on TOP of the world. Get this, her husband, has the same last name as me, and his first name rhymes with mine. Anyhow, I was just glad that she was getting married.

So, being the idiot I am, I decided to attend her wedding (well, chalk down one to morbid fascination). Besides getting a fuck-you-she's-getting-married look from most of her family, and a you-don't-attend-weddings look from the rest, I went up to the stage to wish her, and she WINKED at me. She fucking winked. My sister saw that. She, advised me to get he fuck out of there before the pheras (the Hindu version of "I Do") lest something dramatic happens.

So the whole long ass blog entry is an explanation for the following. Well, her husband works overseas. I was glad to have a few thousand miles of distance between us. But a few months ago, she came back (apparently some problem with her visa). And her husband's home is a few blocks away from mine. She's now at a distance of 15.45 minutes away from my house. Over the past week, she has been calling me over some pretext or the other. So I have again started ignoring her calls.

So, S girl is back. Uh-oh.


A rebel all the way... said...

if thats what happened, i wud have to say that the fault is entirely yours....ok, she is at fault as well, but much less than started it knew you were gay, STILL you went and asked her out??????? did u want to use her as a puppet to test ur orientation?!!

Rambunctious WhipperSnapper said...

Yes I know I was at fault here. If I wanted to hide that fact I would've, but that's not me. At that time I was still in denial. I did not use her as a guinea pig. I did not do anything physical with her (beleive me, she offered..many times) though that does not absolve me. IF I wanted to I could've married her, but I didn't. (yes, i do have the nerve to say this) I do not blame her or am not angry at her for anything. And I beleive that karma gave me my "just desserts" with Ryan.And I don't need to continue blaming myself cause I have been guilty for many years.