Thursday, February 21, 2008

YOU tell me ...

So I finally heard from Ryan about the text I sent him here. Though he did not reply to my text, he pinged me on a social networking site. His reply is two weeks after I wished him for his Uni interview.

So basically his reply is:

sup ___ . srry for replyin late ... my i/views went really bad ... ______ not very promisin .... u temme?

Now, what do I do? Do I reply at all? To be fair, his i/views did not go very well so maybe he didn't feel like replying. But don't I deserve better .... Now do I continue contact with him (as per my pledge) or just leave it? Remember, he doesn't know that I have feelings for him, to him I'm just a casual friend.

So what should I do? Any suggestions?

1 comment:

flygye12 said...

i read ur posts when i'm having breakfast/lunch lol
ive been reading them right from the beginning.

ur posts are actually getting happier since that ryan letter.

i hope you dint contact him :D