Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The clock is ticking ..

So valentines day is approaching. The whole corporate marketing juggernaut really doesn't let you forget it. That's all you hear. If it isn't adverts by greeting card companies or by mobile operators asking you to wish/dedicate a song/strangle your valentine it's the TV channels with their "valentine special" or "pre-valentine" special. There was even an article in the business papers about valentines day. I mean shut up. And the final straw was my friend calling up to ask me how to celebrate valentines day with his wife as it would be their first valentines day after marriage. Yeah. Me. Aaaargh. I so needed that. $#!#@$#@&$%

Not that I am not happy (who am I kidding) for the people who have found true love (or something like that), it can get really irritating sometimes. Not that I'm really grumpy like this every valentines day (yes, I am). It's just that I don't want to get reminded of the "International-how-the-fuck-do-you-not-have-a-date" day everywhere I walk in (take the sign off from the KFC; this is not a McDonald's!).

All I want to do right now is get into bed (preferably with someone...but no chance of it happening this soon) and wake up on 15 February. But fat chance of that happening. Though running away is not a solution I ever follow (HA!).

The worst thing is that I gotta take my cousins clubbing tomorrow. Yeah... that sounds like fun.

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A rebel all the way... said...

A wonderful, honest, witty and fun-to-read blog.....
I know its terrible not to have any gay friends...am in the same boat, after all :)...it is lonely and suffocating......:(...but was glad to read that u r out to your mom....i wud say just go ahead and find some sane ppl...(though trust me, in OUR world, thats a scarcity)....
drop me an email if u feel like...my id is thefountainhead.del@gmail.com