Thursday, July 24, 2008

You know you are obsessed with blogging when

- you get arrested for attempted homicide and all you think about is how to spin this into a funny anecdote for your blog

- a friend tells you a personal event or anecdote, you thump the table yelling "Post", "Post" (live demonstration provided by this woman)

- you break up with someone by leaving a comment on their latest post in which they gush over your most recent date

- you consider your blogs as part of your estate

- someone says something personal to you, they never fail to add a stern, "Please don't blog this!!" followed by "I MEAN IT"

- you legally change your name to your blog pseudonym

- you don't blog for a day and your readers assume you're dead and they call your local emergency number

- you receive a bad appraisal, and ask for a justification, your boss shows you browsing records which show that you spend 99% of your workday on

- your parents leave the following comment on your blog "Son, please come down and have your dinner. We miss you. It's been four weeks."

you pretend to suffer from MPD just so you can use the same username for all your blogs

- your conversation skills are limited to "LOL", "Gr8 Post", "LMAO" and "ROTFL"

- your children are named after the people who comment the most on your blog

- you get fired because your boss reads about your "sexy and fun shopping trip to SOHO" on the day you took off supposedly for visiting your sick grandmother in the hospital

- you blog about your date WHILE you are on it

- you can identify your readers by their IP address

- the most exciting thing to happen in your life in the past year was on the day your blog had 100,000 visitors

- you publish more posts in a day than the number of times you take a leak

- you start a blog on the lines of stuff white people like, hoping for a similar book deal

- you quit your job and start writing a book when danbrownfan_1965 writes a comment praising your writing and calling you a future booker prize winner

- you only listen to music by artists who have their own blog on my space

- you haven't seen daylight in six months

- you need to get surgery done on your index finger as it has gone numb because of being frequently used to refresh the comments section of your blog

- your comments on other people's blogs are bigger than their posts

- you remind people that they already have blogged about a particular event

- people close down blogs because of the frequency of your comments

- you ask other people to felicitate you in exclusive blog posts on their blog because you are their most frequent commenter

- you write a list which enumerates symptoms to identify obsessive blogging


chandni said...


So ur daughter will have to be called chandni I guess...Am not complaining :)

Also add: when you fight with ur husband over his bad habits, you threaten him with"I am so gonna blog about this" and see his face go white with fear!

I am happy again, thank you!

flygye12 said...

i'm so bored of writing this again and again....very good post !!!

now isn't any sexy PG disturbing your life that i may comment on???

Swats said...

plz add this--ur a blog addict wen...
- u RUN 2 d local cyber cafe wen ur connectn is down..
- u take the comments on your blog far too seriously
- before anything else..u first log on to ur blog to chk for comments/feedback/profile views
- and ur world comes crashing down wen u c '0 comments' even after a day uve published ur post..

So Ramb plz comment on my latest post :)))

closetalk said...

- someone says something personal to you, they never fail to add a stern, "Please don't blog this!!" followed by "I MEAN IT"

that's me. :)

D said...

Your post is so well-timed: I've been seriously thinking of de-addicting from blogging because I've begun to see my life as fodder for my posts :)

chandni said...

and we notice you have represented our "polite charming" enthusiasm for encouraging u to post as thumping on the table and yelling!

Most undignified :D

bloggingknight said...

Hehe very true.
Adding one more:
when you don't get anything to write about, you get fever. :D

pepe M. said...


but isn't it nice having virtual friends who are wacky, intelligent, smart and sexxxxxxxxxxxxy!

Dee said...

Please add:
- When ur on death's door, ur are more importantly deciding whom to give ur blog password to on ur will..

- U think of ur blog as a child who deserves ur utmost attention and love..

Nice template man.. love ur blog.. *u know ur addicted to ur blog.. admit it*

Stella said...

You are not obsessed with blogging, aren't you?lol

ooops, did I just say "lol?" does that mean i am obsessed, too?

Kidding aside, you hit all the points correctly. Good post. Like to add this one:

- you worry when you cannot or you do not have time to write a post on a single day.

Rambunctious WhipperSnapper said...

chandni: We'll see about that ... *looks away and whistles* .... kidding ... of course i will .... and i'l call my son rambunctious ... :P ..
... I can't imagine you do that to the boy!! Even I'm scared now .... :P ...

flygye: i'm never bored of hearing it ... please say it again and again .. :P ....
sadly .. no semi-hot male disturbing our peace .. :( ...

swats: OMG!! That is soooo true ....

ct: really?? who wuda thunk it? :P ...

d: no,no ... real life is the best fodder ... please continue ... :)

chandni: well .... you didn't say "I MEAN IT" when you told me not to blog about it. :P ...

dk: lol!! gud 1 ....

pepe: yes ... it's nice to have virtual buddies like you!!! :P ...

dee: thanks ... so true .. so true .... ... yes i'm a blog addict ...i admit it!! :D ...

Rambunctious WhipperSnapper said...

stella: yes i am ... and that happens to me almost everyday!!!

unsungpsalm said...

You know you're obsessed with Blogging when :-

1. You wish your Blog friend's pet a Happy Birthday on its birth anniversary.

2. Redesigning your blog gives you more pleasure than redesigning your room.

3. You're looking for advertisers.

4. You have a Pseudonym that has 26 characters in it.

Crazy Sam said...

You continue to awe me with your witty thoughts.

I especially loved the 9th one and I guess we both are guilty on the 26th one. :P

Aah said...

LOL, I have to agree with the incessant thoughts to write a book -I haven't quit my day job yet though!

DewdropDream said...

You posted on Thursday, it's Monday already... where's the new post???? :D

lemonade said...

that list was ggooodd!!

had me in splits throughout!!

(SO true, BTW)

flygye12 said...

a) when ur partner tells u so constantly
b) when you prefer blogging to your looks and no more think of going for a jog/run/gym and reduce that constantly growing paunch because you could write so much in that much time
c) your blogging leaves no more time for you to do anything else

Rambunctious WhipperSnapper said...

flygye, unsung .. that was funny!!

samuel, i'm guilty of most of them

aah, ... i actually did quit my day job!!! :P ...

lemonade, .. i think the whole list is true .. :P ...

ddd, be careful what ya ask for :P

flygye12 said...

now i know why u don't post so often! you write other blogs, don't you? okay don't tell me their urls, just tell me how many :D

please...genie :)

Rambunctious WhipperSnapper said...


what makes you say that??

*quickly deletes other blogs*