Friday, July 18, 2008

A Funny Feeling

Ever since I got up today, it feels like a Saturday. Yes, i know it's a Friday, but somehow today, it just feels like a Saturday. Now some may ask what exactly a Saturday feels like, but then we really can't answer such philosophical questions. Specially on a Friday which feels like a Saturday. Now, usually people may consider this to be an upside, but we know better. If Friday feels like Saturday, then Saturday will feel like Sunday. And Sunday will feel like Monday. The whole process will be ruined. Although, a question arises if that hasn't the whole process already been fucked up beyond recognition and repair?

And the reason we find that feeling like it's Saturday on a Friday is strange because usually life is just a haze. Sunday to Saturday, all pass by in a flash. Each day is filled with the same, dreary feeling that nothing is ever going to change. No day is different. It's all the same. So why does it then, seem like a bloody Saturday, on a bright, shiny Friday?

Maybe there is a deeper, philosophical meaning to all this. Or maybe my mind has finally caved in and actually gone crazy? Who knows? Who cares? Who gives a fuck? Not us.

And then suddenly on a Friday which feels like a Saturday, we have an epiphany. Among other things, we realize that we find the world, so ....... so ........ so ...... funny.

Don't know why, but today everything just seems funny.

It's funny that people kill each other because they don't share the same religious beliefs. It's funny that we are fussy about olives in our martini while orphans in Africa die of hunger. It's funny that a 15 year old kid is killed by his friend because he dared to ask him out. It's funny that people make their own lives a living hell because they want to subscribe to some sort of moral standard. It's funny that people live their whole life trying to fit into the role that society has set for them. It's funny that the very same people who have children so that they aren't alone when they grow old, end up in an old people's home. It's funny that the world has just been deprived of a good writer/doctor/musician because a husband wants his wife to stay at home and attend to the kids. It's funny that someone right now in some part of the world is thinking of killing themself because they feel alone, neglected, and have lost all hope. It's funny how people take themselves so seriously that they forget how to laugh. It's funny how some people feel that it is okay to deny other people the same rights that they themself enjoy, because they fear that their own children might grow up to be like the others. It's funny how that even thought most laws say that all people are born equal we still honor kings and queens, crowned and uncrowned?

Yes, on a Friday which feels like a Saturday, I am highly amused. Or maybe it's just me.

Isn't it funny that if by accident you did something nice for someone, it might have restored their faith in humankind? Isn't it funny when you finally realize that the only acceptance you were looking for, was your own? Isn't it funny how we want to keep trying to define other people based on our own judgment and understanding? Isn't it funny that when something that turned out to be disastrous at one point of time, actually made everything fine in the end? Isn't it funny that if we don't lose hope and keep searching, one day we will find what we were looking for? And then look back and think that all the stress, all the mental turmoil, just seems a little bit ...... funny? Isn't it funny that your stubbornness is the only thing preventing you from picking up that phone and calling your loved one? Isn't it funny that the only thing preventing you from chasing your dream is you? Isn't it funny that when people you had pegged out in your mind, turn around and do something which catches you by surprise? Isn't it funny that people make life a game, which they try to play every waking moment? Isn't it funny when you realize that all the games were futile and all you need to do is to listen to your heart? Isn't it funny that someone, somewhere right now, just decided to give life another chance? Isn't it funny that a phone call can prevent a person from becoming a dead statistic? Isn't it funny that we spend all our lives chasing after money and fame and when we get it, it feels empty and hollow? Isn't it funny that sometimes happiness is just a good book, a warm cup of coffee and the pitter-patter of rain on your window?

Yes, on a Friday which feels like a Saturday, I am highly amused. Or maybe it's just me.


Anonymous said...

How unpredictable. A post that started out so pointless and blended into something so moving, thoughtful, insightful.

You're human. You cannot deny it. You are human. With a heart.

Anonymous said...

Hmm when did you turn a humanist? i always had impression you are just another spoilt brat who is always trying to bring something or someone down lol :P
Yes its funny, and it's also funny that someone writes such points but never reaches to the people who can act. It's funny people who reads this also don't do anything. And it's funny, even writer forgets the points he made few days later.
May be this is what called the irony or the whole world is amusement park and he laughs watching all this from somewhere.
Who knows and who cares!!

Rambunctious WhipperSnapper said...

usp: What gives you such weird ideas? Are you trying to tarnish my reputation by accusing me of being *gasp *gasp* human. I'm in shock, is what I am in.

dk: What's funny dk, is that you think because you read a few posts on my blog you have me all figured out. What's funny is dk, is that you assume that loving vodka and doing something for good are mutually exclusive. What's funny dk, is that some people cannot see irony when it bites them in the ass. You're right, who knows and who the fuck cares. Cheers.

Dark Knight said...

Hehe it's surely is your funny day. :P

btw i don't read your few posts but most. And no i haven't figured you out, even a bit. You are still the mystery man. lol. It's funny you think that way. :-P Cheers :smile:

closetalk said...

dah-ling, i dunno abt the rest, but the martini in your cosmo is a VERY serious matter! *sniffs in air*

D said...

Ha! A Friday may feel like a Saturday and Saturday like a Sunday, but why does Monday always feel like horrible, horrible Monday?!

Rambunctious WhipperSnapper said...

dk: .. uhhh .. ok ...

ct: oh honey, it would be ghastly any other way! i would just .. DIE! *raises left eyebrow*

d: my system's all screwed up ... right now, sunday feels like monday ... so now i feel horrible on both days .. :( ...