Saturday, June 7, 2008

The "me" Meme

Extry! Extry!! Tagged by Pepe.

Rules of the meme:

1. The blogger needs to write ten secrets about himself
2. Tag another ten people (Muhahahaha)

Since I'm supposed to spill secrets about myself, I actually dug deep, real deep.

So here goes, ten secrets about myself. *cue drum roll*

1. I suck at Hindi. It's supposed to be my first language, but I am absolutely horrendously incapable of reading or writing hindi correctly. I can speak it and understand it really well, but when it comes to reading or writing it, I am usually very wrong, much to the amusement of others.

2. Inside my overworked and underpaid heart, I'm a big frikin old school romantic. I actually want to meet someone for the first time, feel the sparks fly when we shake hands [or hug ..:P] and hear The Reason playing in the background as he falls in love with me while I act all cool and nonchalant.

Fine, fine. Go ahead and make fun of me. I can already hear people pointing and laughing.

*runs inside his room and slams door*

3. I really love books. No, I mean really I'd-even-dump-someone-who-reads-the-wrong-kind-of-books kind of love.
Imagine the following:
One day at a fine restaurant two boys are having their first date over good food and wine. After they finish eating, they head home. After a very satisfying .ummm..night's sleep, when they wake up in the morning, the following conversation takes place over juice, sausages and coffee:
boy 1: You have so many books ...
boy 2: (who I suspect we all know) Yes, I read a lot ....
boy 1:
Well, I really don't get time to read much ... just a few books here and there
boy 2:
(now in a state of alarm) (puts down the food) Which was the last book you read??
boy 1: The Da Vinci Code
boy 2: (flabbergasted) We need to talk ... *long pause*
boy 2:
it's not you ...*brief pause* it's your books ..........

The above conversation might even take place sometime in the future. I think me and my books need to see other people. At least I need to do!! And yeah, I know I shouldn't be so anal particular about stuff like this.

4. I am extremely lazy. I hardly do anything for the people I live with (my family). In fact, these people have been taught to only ask me to do something once every six months. If I didn't have such a bright, illuminating presence, I'd feel sorry for them.

5. I haven't met an argument I couldn't win.

6. I am religious, spiritual, agnostic and an atheist all at the same time. Go figure. Even God's like "Pick an effing side, jackass".

7. I have lots of catchphrases and one liners which people around me steal a lot.
I'm like the gay Seth Cohen. Except I am really not into comic books. Or chics.

8. I am addicted to coffee. in fact I have more cups of coffee than people have glasses of water. In an unrelated story, I like Vodka too. I'm just sayin.

9. My room is a big mess. I can only find things when they are where they should not be. If my room is neat and tidy and everything is in it's rightful place, I get a panic attack (well, almost).

10. I dunno anything about fashion. I wouldn't know a Gucci from a Valentino if it bit my ..errr.. nose. My dress mantra: Grab what's clean and nearby. (FYI Might need a makeover. Queer Eye for the Gay Guy perhaps??).

In fact, if I owned a Gay TV network, it would be more gay Big Brother and less Project Runway. Nooooo, don't throw me out. Wait. Listen ......

So those were a few secrets about me.

And now, I tag the following people. (Don't make that face. You got to know my secrets, it's only fair that I get to know yours. Didn't you learn when you were a kid, you see mine, I see yours. Hell, I still use this logic to justify a lot of my actions).







And everyone else who reads the post.

So Pepe, where is my prize now?


Crazy Sam said...

You know what! Ever since Pepe tagged you for this, I have been secretly thanking him coz I know how amazing I would feel to read your thoughts. Thank you for being so witty and humourous. You brighten my day. You have shared so much about yourself and it is a pleasure to know about you.

closetalk said...

u'd dump a guy for BOOKS?
*double sigh*
spoken like an early-20s gay guy! :)

Orange said...

:( your earlier tag is still in the drafting process! I'm such a procrastinator!

Firefoxcub said...

i did the tag.

Hish said...

Damn you for tagging me!!! Haha, I'll work on it soon, hmm.

flygye12 said...


pepe M. said...

as expected the smarty witty RW hit it big time! i second sam!

and gosh, how could we have a decent tete-a-tete if we gonna talk BOOKS! yay, thats pretty intimidating! but i wont cowed down anyways if you want to know more about marc jacob :)

as for your price: your wish is my command *grin*

closetalk said...

ure tag has been fulfilled, by de way. :) check out de closet.

Rambunctious WhipperSnapper said...

sam: You know Sam, your comments always bring a smile to my face and make my day. It's a pleasure to share stuff about myself with wonderful people like you. :P ... Thanks ...

ct: What can i say? I go for the whole package .. :P ... and I'm not an early 20s gay guy .. in fact by the end of this month I'll have started my journey towards the late twenties. *freaks out*

orange: Yes, of course you are. I hope i don't have to tag you again to have this tag see daylight. :P ...

ffc: yeah ... nice list ... and btw, i have already been on record to say that i don't like JT's music .. so there .. :P ..

hish: I'm sure you know what I am going to say to a few points of your list .. :P ..

flygye12 :-D ... I wanted to tag you but I didn't know if you wud do the tag ... so consider yourself tagged ... hehe

pepe: aww shucks pepe!! :P ... don't worry .. books is not all I talk about ... i can think of a million things we wud discuss ... *winks* ... and who is this marc jacobs and has he posed shirtless??

also, my prize should be a big life-like picture of a certain someone I demanded on your blog ... :P ... now don't disappoint me then ... u knw my mail id .... get to work ....

ct: me likes ur list .. :P

chandni said...

I totally got the book one. I can't imagine being with someone who doesn't read...

When's ur birthday??

And please check mail asap. The weather is lovely, cofee followed by beer sounds good to me.

Dark Knight said...

hehehe, you are very funny!! really!!!
So you are coffee-holic?? Then you better make some relation with Nescafe, they might give you huge discount :)

So Mr. Lazy, get and do some work lol :P

Rambunctious WhipperSnapper said...

chandni: Thank you!! I really feel at odds when I don't have anyone to discuss how the author could have made the book better ... :P ...

Damn my nocturnal-ness!! Coffee followed by beer sounds so good ... *sigh*

dark knight:thanks ... maybe i can date a good looking barista who can keep smuggling supplies out for me ... and ten wen he gets fired i can hire him to be my personal barista .... hmmmm .. gud idea .... :P...

well, lemme think abt geting up and doing some work!!

unsungpsalm said...

Wow! You are too similar to this friend of mine. With the exception that he (appallingly) is not gay.

PS - Points 1, 2, 5, (some of) 3, 7 and 8 are practically plagiarised from my mind.
That's 6 of 10, mind you.

Tsk, tsk. No originality *shakes head*

flygye12 said...

i never read " i wanted to tag you..." business before today. i guess i was new to it then and dint tick the 'email follow up comments'...

i guess its too late to tag and vaisey bhi u know a lot about me already ;)