Friday, June 13, 2008

Freaky Friday

Why is each and every single person you meet at a public function obligated to ask you "So where are you working these days?" ? Are you only defined by where you work? Whatever happened to talking about the weather? When did that go out of fashion?

Why do children have to be so darn nice sometimes to make you (for a small period of time) want to have you own? And then spoil the moment by asking something so inanely stupid like Are you married??? that you laugh like Santa Claus high on crack ?

Why do you have to listen to a song after a long period of time and be reminded of a time in your life when you had dreams? When you didn't know that life is a like desert filled with a few small oasis of happiness? Why does it remind you of a time when you thought that you would one day grow up and change the world and not end up like everyone else? Why does that seem so stupid when you think about it now?

Why does the news of your favorite teenage waterhole being closed make you feel like someone who has already been canceled from prime time and is now running in syndication ?

What makes you want to spend a few days with your head in the sand just like an Ostrich? Just talk to no one, see or read nothing, just keep your head buried while you temporarily switch off your brain?

Why is it that you can't identify your emotions and actually know what the hell is wrong with you?

Why do you wake up one day and feel like everything around you has changed and then when the warm cup of black coffee brings you back to your senses (or whatever) you realize the only thing that changed was you?

Why do you keep procrastinating and not doing things you know you really need to do? Things you know would only benefit you?

Why do people have to assume that after living in a city for more than two decades would make you an expert at navigating through it?

Why do you lie awake at night thinking all these thoughts end up not sleeping for more than 24 hours??


savante said...

Whoa. Can't answer all those questions at one go :) But can reply to the first. Well, to ask the career is the easiest icebreaker.

Dark Knight said...

These are the million dollor questions whose answer, everyone seeks.
Sometime i wonder to myself, when i die, would i end up being another Oxford dictionary where instead of meanings, questions are listed. Is it same with everyone? (See i am again making question)
Also one thing, if we ever could find answers to everything we seek, may be we would have become another Buddha or Jesus. May be He (you know who)doesn't want us to get answers, so he only fills with questions. May be!

Swats said...

its dont know whre you're goin but u cant wait 2 get thre :)

closetalk said...

o gosh. way too many questions to answer, even for a brilliant indian college student! :) how abt an ice cream break instead, eh?

unsungpsalm said...

Hello there! Thoroughly enjoying your blog, and shall thus take liberties of adding to to my blogroll so that I keep visiting :)

Keep up the Confessions!

chandni said...

I'd be damned if I knew!

flygye12 said...

i want more smilies here!!! hrmmph

Orange said...

Impressive set of questions you have there Whippy. Also, a life time to figure them out... :P

unsungpsalm said...

I have the answer to all your questions. Care to guess?

unsungpsalm said...

Oh well, since no one asked, the answer is 42. Predictable, right?

For those who understand, please go and read "A Hitchhiker's Guide..." You're many years late already!

Aaarti said...

DANG... i wish i knew half the answers~~~

neat blog...:)