Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Heads and Tales

We're feeling random and superficial and frivolous today.

Gather around children, while we tell you a little story. About a young boy. About a young, handsome boy who loved good high end phones. So one day two years ago, on his birthday, on a whim, he gifted himself a Nokia communicator. He was happy with his equipment. It was big after all. I mean the phone children. Don't exercise your dirty minds. So a year after that suddenly his phone stopped working that day. Since it was around his birthday again, he dropped hints to his family for a new Nokia N** he liked. And by dropping hints I mean the boy drove them crazy until they got him one to shut him up. Then yesterday, the handsome boy's less than a year old phone conked off leaving him to use his trusty communicator again [which mysteriously started working fine the day after the new phone was purchased]. And now, the boy reminds himself that someone's birthday is coming up in a few weeks. So the boy puts hand under chin and begins to think.

We have somehow arrived at the conclusion that we are still in our teens. Though, chronologically we may be 20-something, however, seeing that we still haven't had our first gay date yet, we declare that we are still in our teens. Just outside of gay puberty. Doesn't make any sense but it makes us feel better. So if we can delude ourselves to feel happy without the aid of any external substance then why shouldn't we. We shall calculate my exact teenage age [see what I did there; thou even I don't get it ] at a more appropriate time and reveal it in a more structured and less precious-brain-cells-depleting post.


We are totally having a lame day. Writing lame stuff and writing lame comments on other blogs. Or maybe we just are lame. [subliminal message: we are kind of fishing here].


So we were over at Chandni's blog, and she did this great 55 fiction story. For those of you who as unfamiliar about 55 fiction as we are, it's basically a story within 55 or less words. And since we love to bore you with our stories, we thought we'll attempt to come up with something: --------------------

He couldn’t believe it. After years and years of waiting, he finally met the person he used to see in his dreams.

He couldn’t believe that he was
there sitting right next to him.

Although he was shocked to know that God sucked at playing Guitar Hero.


Okay. Okay. I said that we are having a lame day. We will find another day job. Don't quit on us. We may get better. Sigh. Fine. We'll go then.


Orange said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Orange said...


Do your multiple personalities (or the people trapped in you or whatever you like to call them) have different "ages"?


PS: In case you were wondering, I deleted the previous comment cos of some stupid error in sentence construction that I overlooked.

chandni said...

:D not bad at all!

Rambunctious WhipperSnapper said...

yeah ... of course, we have a)me whose a still in his teens, b)Howard whose like in his 20's and c)Dwayne whose like 40 or something. :) :) .... And there might be other people which we don't remember right now ... :P .....

and thanks!! I would kept wondering who deleted the comment!!

chandni: thank you .... but I can never be as good as you :) ....

unsungpsalm said...

No person with an IQ above 96 trusts Nokia software and firmware.
Anybody with an IQ of above 96 goes for Sony Ericsson.

Rambunctious WhipperSnapper said...

No..no...NO... i had a sony ericsson once and it turned out to be a disaster ... so i always go with Nokia . . . and my iq is 15 ... so i guess that explains a lot of things ...