Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Oh! to be young again .....

Sigh ..... I'm not going to watch American Idol anymore. Seriously. Not because it blows most of the time. But because of David Archuleta (of course I'm shallow. Whadya expect? geez. And that boy is one sweet motherfucker). He's 17. I'm not. He keeps reminding me of that.

He keeps reminding of something I never had when I was 17. In fact something I don't even have now.

He reminds me of those occasionally sad Saturday nights spent watching WCW Monday Nitro (yes, on a fucking saturday) or reading a book. He reminds me that I never had true love when I was 17. He reminds me what I lost out on. He reminds me of the one regret I may carry with myself for the rest of my life. He reminds me of the time I was so scared, so petrified of who I was. He reminds me of a me that I rarely remember now-a-days. A me that is millions of miles away from who I am at this moment. Seeing him brings back those memories again.

I don't want to think about that time. Though I do have some happy memories, I always end up with a heavy heart when I think about that time. (could I be more sappy?)

Whenever someone tells me that how happy their teens was and that they'd like to go back to that time, I really want to kick all of their teeth out. Hmmmmm I wonder why?

So I ain't gonna be watching Idol again. If he wins, just don't tell me.


A rebel all the way... said...

arre why? why is it that u wudnt want to be a teen again? i mean i wud kill for it.....:(

Soul Seared Dreamer said...

Well my teens weren't the most spectacular, but dude as long as you still have a pulse, go do something about it. You're only as young as you feel (apologises I'm gonna say..) or rather the person you feel.

Its never too late to make amends.

PS - I'd not go back either. Simply coz I prefer to look forwards.. don't live in the past.. live for now.

chandni said...

oh hon...its no big deal!!

Diff people have different "good" phases...some have good childhoods some have bad...the moment u start believeing your good time is "now", it'll begin. I've tried it. Works.

Rambunctious WhipperSnapper said...

rebel: for the reasons i told ya ....

ssd: i ususally live in the present too ... don't think abt the past a lot now-a-days .. however i don't know why ... but seeing him brings back those memories .... maybe Dr Phill can figure it out ... :P

chandni: to quote an old weekender add ... i'm getting there .. yeah .. I'm getting there ... :)