Monday, February 22, 2010

Three bigots walk into a bar, and drown it with their stupidity!

So the case against reading down of 377 supreme court is going to be heard sometime this year.

Turns out, there have been a large number of additions to the original petitioner who wanted to criminalize adult consensual sex.

On Saturday, the number of petitioners in the Supreme Court - challenging the July 2009 decision of the Delhi High Court to strike down an anti-sodomy law - stood at 16 from the original two.

Two Christian church coalitions, three Muslim NGOs, two Hindu astrologers, a disciple of yoga guru Baba Ramdev, an NGO run by a former Delhi police officer, and an environmentalist, will be among those in the Supreme Court when it hears an appeal next month against the overturning of the Indian Penal Code' section 377.

Only one person, film director and Rajya Sabha MP Shyam Benegal, has quietly joined the original petitioner, Delhi NGO Naz Foundation, in support of gay rights in the Supreme Court.

Here is what I think of the petitioners:

1) Christian Church Coalitions - Really? I can only give you a fair hearing when you actually punish those members of your clergy who were caught molesting little children. Until then, how about shuting the fuck up on morality? KThanksbai.

2) Three Muslim NGOs - Is having just a single partner the thing you have a problem with? Because, really, I'd expect polygamists to be a little sheepish (Sheep, Also!) about criticizing other people's sexual habits?

3) Hindu Astrologers - Yeah, I'd take you seriously if you'd be able to predict ONE fucking thing correctly. Or that you could see that punch in your fucking face that's in your future!

4) Police Officer NGO - This is the same guy who appeared on tv last year and wanted to have sex with a female dog. And somehow, kept calling his wife a bitch? Confused!

5) Environmentalist - Dude, firstly no one is having buttsex with teh environment. I hope you realize that if it wasn't for Lesbians, there would be no environment to save. Also, I don't have documents to prove it right now, but Mother Earth is probably a big ol' lez too.

Now, here are some of the arguments that are being presented:

Chairman of the Jammu and Kashmir Panthers Party, Prof Bhim Singh, said in his petition that the Delhi High Court ruling would be "a disaster for the Indian defence forces and the security of the country… in deserted areas".

"Seedlings of homosexuality developed among the (European and US) soldiers during the first and the second world war when they had to stay back in the forests and the hills for years without having any access to meet their sexual desires," said Singh, whose party otherwise fights for the reorganisation of J&K.

Yeah, I know!!

Where do I even begin with this guy? So I'm not gonna even try!

But I'm sure he's pulling his arguments out of his own deserted area!

"My challenge of the (Delhi) high court judgement is that it should not have relied on foreign judgements," said Mushtaq Ahmed, counsel for Mumbai's Raza Academy, a 32-year-old Islamic advocacy group. "We can't impose a foreign cultural morality today."

Hey, dude from whatever academy, let's go on a little tour. Thousands of years ago, when India had only one religion and everything was considered Hinduism (Jainism, Buddhism etc.), and everyone had sex with everyone else (it wasn't the land of the Kama Sutra for nothing!) and then some weird people wanted land and money and shit and so they invaded this county and along with themselves brought their religion(s) and their own morality. So, India had homosexuality much before it had Islam or Christianity or mughlai food. Therefore, using your own logic, I could say, STOP TRYING TO IMPOSE YOUR FOREIGN MORALITY ON US!! But, I'm not going to do that. Cause I ain't no uneducated bigot moron who doesn't know what the frack he's talking about! Because, two can play the same game. I just choose not to.

Yeah, so these are the people we're up against.

They shouldn't be out there presenting arguments for a case, they should be institutionalised, or have their own show on Fox News. These people can't string together a coherent sentence, let alone justify their bigotry.

Most of our judges know better than that and this makes me hopeful that the Supreme Court will come out on the side of equal rights too!


Phoenixritu said...

Oh I bet Mother Earth was lez! Less said about the hypocrites on this earth the better.

Anyone's personal habits do not need to be the concern of other people apart of the person's partner

H said...

This post is funtaashtick!
I don't believe people accually still have issues with 377. Dude, get a life.

Firebolt said...


Whippy, you are my Godfagger.

Anurima said...

Godse and Savarkar will embrace you in spirit, going by the xenophobic statements on this post!!!
Historical accounts have shown how same sex love and desire existed within religious cultures - be it Islam or Hinduism. (Kidwai, Vanita - 2005)
However, conservative streaks are political strategies in order to allow for divisive politics. FYI, the respondents that opposed the PIL in the Delhi High Court argued that same sex practices went against Indian culture and were foreign imports. (as argued by the Counsel for B.P. Singhal - allied to Hindutva political party!)
We need to take researched and mature stands in this struggle lest we fall prey to the traps set by ourselves.

Rambunctious WhipperSnapper said...

@Ritu: Yeah! I will never get these homophobic people's obsession with gay sex! Even gay people don't talk about gay sex that much.

@H: Exactly! None of these people have one!

@Firebolt: Haha, thanks kiddo! I absolutely LURRVEEEEEE that name. I love it so much, I'm gonna put that in my resume! :P !

@Anurima: Awww, are we learning to use big words this week? Does your mommy know you're out trolling the internets?

We simply don't do maturity on this blog!!

Also, people living in glass houses should not throw stones at other people's glass houses, because that will make Humpty Dumpty have a big fall!!!

unsungpsalm said...

Oh, you should totally be part of phrasing the defense on this one, Ramby...

Get in touch with the Lawyers' Collective pronto :-)

Anonymous said...

i think what should worry you a little more is what i am hearing about a (rumoured) conflict of interest problem with the judgment.

apparently there was a very old petition on the same subject matter, and one of the original petitioners ended up being a judge on the bench that decided this particular petition. i dont know if any of this is true, but if it is, it's a lot more serious than the laughable bullshit opinions of these guys.

Rambunctious WhipperSnapper said...

@UsP: Haha, thanks! But I have seen the people handling the case and they are a billion times more capable than I could ever be.

I am happy making cheap and unfunny jokes about our bigoted opponents!

But thanks for your vote of confidence! Heh! :P . . .

@Anon: We have a great team handling the case. I don't think I need to worry about anything! I have complete confidence in those guys.

unsungpsalm said...

I don't think that should be a problem. I DOUBT the makers of the constitution anticipated anything of this sort and included it in the constitution.
Either way, the arguments are very sound. They'd survive even another series of hearings.

Chandan said...

i fail to understand these ppl, why they have to be bothered abt someone's sexual life...dont these ppl have any other better work to do?