Thursday, May 13, 2010

Memo to the Indian media: Not everyone can be a “gay icon”

Most of the time, the Indian media is really clueless about gay issues. But, sometimes, they go so far beyond clueless that’s it’s embarrassing. Embarrassing for them, that is. Humorous for us.

Let’s start with this recent article about the poor man’s Aamir Khan posing shirtless for his movie posters:

Ever since Imran’s shirtless pictures were splashed in various newspapers, the phones at Dharma productions (Karan Johar’s company which is producing Imran’s next, I Hate Luv Storys) have almost been ringing off the hook with calls from gay fans requesting an autographed picture of the actor.

The whole article in short: Oh look, random shirtless person. Wait, he’s also showing a tiny part of his posterior. That’s it. HE IS A GAY ICON! Because isn’t that what “the gays” love? Pecs and asses? STOP THE PRESSES!

Also, this is the worst bullshit that has been ever written, even by the standards of the Times of India. Really? It’s 2010. There are millions of more ‘explicit’ and less photoshopped pictures available with a single google search. This is just typical self-loathing homophobe Karan Johar’s idiotic way of promoting his little movie.

These were the same people who just a few months ago annoited John Abraham to gay icon status.

Why? Well, because he was shirtless while starring in a messy movie mashup of Three’s Company and I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry. Also, he “exposed”, and showed a part of his butt! So, GAY ICON!

How does it feel to be a gay icon?
Today homosexuality is so open world over. To think that the same gender likes you is a plus.
Have you ever been propositioned then?
Oh, all the time. Be it Philadelphia where I came back from or Miami. Women and men have come up to me to chat. I have been asked ‘Are you single?’
That’s a compliment.
Listen, I can’t take this as a compliment. My trainer Mike Ryan used to go for walking with me and he is a tough guy. And when two tough guys walk together, people look at you and wonder. And before anybody said anything, I would say, ‘He is not my boyfriend.’ In Miami and San Francisco, the best looking men are gay. Can you beat that?

Yes, Bipasha Basu’s ho is really scared of being identified as ‘gay’. Ahh, what a nice “icon” to have.

And before Mr-One-Expression-Only, it was bearded Neetu Kapoor who was, you guessed it, a gay icon!

A little more than three weeks still remain for Ranbir’s first film Saawariya to hit the theatres and the newcomer from the Kapoor clan has already become very popular with youngsters, particularly girls and gays. The gay community in Mumbai has already labeled Ranbir as their new icon. On the other hand, girls can’t stop drooling over Ranbir wherever he goes to promote ‘Saawariya’.

Yup. Because in his first movie, he almost showed his butt, because the scene was cut by mean censor board, because they hate small butts and they cannot lie? [Btw, this article about Ranbir is a laugh-riot! Not only because of the bad english.]

Now, before you think this is limited to just random actors, you’re in for a surprise.

Rahul Gandhi emerged as a youth icon during the General Elections with even Prime Minster Manmohan Singh acknowledging his contribution to the Congress' thumping victory.

But it isn't only the youth that are looking to him for a voice. The country's lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans-gender (LGBT) community voted overwhelmingly for the Congress hoping that young Rahul would take up their cause.

"He's really cute... he's so good looking and young. He's like the Ranbir Kapoor of Indian politics. He has all the charm and he didn't even have to drop a towel," says a gay rights activist



I’d be surprised by their ignorance, but it’s nothing new. The coverage has always been this clueless.

Anyways, scribes, hacks and other idiots, let me break it down for you.

Firstly, contrary to popular rumours, all the gay members do not gather around in their secret gaycave every week and decide whom to elevate to the status of the next top gay icon. You’re confusing us with Tyra Banks.

Also, secondly, just because you talk to a few idiots looking to see their fake name in print, doesn’t make them representative of the gay community. Neither do editors of some small-ass internet or print publication. Or for that matter any random blogger.

See, the thing is that just because someone poses shirtless doesn’t make them an icon. Gay icons are people who actually do something for the community. Either they tread the road less travelled, or blaze their way through glass ceilings and never look back.

Okay, that sounded too dramatic. Even for me.

Simply put, gay icons are people who give something back to the community. Or they entertain us.

Like Harvey Milk, Lt. Dan Choi or Elton John or Ellen DeGeneres or our patron saint of the immaculate penis, Lady Gaga.

Hell, gay people loved Liza Minnelli so much, they even married her a couple of times.

Besides, we even take care of our non-icons.

Look at Antonio Sabato jr. Whenever he runs out of money, he takes his shirt off in a movie or reality show and we throw some gay coins at him. But, he didn’t become our ho in one day. Bitch had to work it. He did a couple of movies where he got naked, (and unlike Indian actors, he had the balls to show his, ummmm, balls), and had simulated gay sex. We appreciate him for that and hence he never goes without money.

Therefore,  the moral of the story is: You don’t become an icon just because you show some P & A.

But you can still be our ho!

Just remember to get naked. Often.

Otherwise don’t call us. We’ll call you.


Phoenixritu said...

By your definition Celina Jetley should be your gay icon - because she really worked hard to clear misconceptions about the gay community.

But you never mentioned her ....

I loved the Ranbir bit though!

Rambunctious WhipperSnapper said...

@Ritu: Yes! I meant to include her but it slipped my mind. My bad.

Bhumika's Boudoir said...

I laughed so bloody much reading this. Thank you. The whole 'gay icon' thing has been bothering me so much too. By the way I know someone who knows someone who knows the guy who had sex with John Abraham. It's really strange gossip.

Rambunctious WhipperSnapper said...

@B: I know, right? Hehe, it's like six degrees of separation, only everybody knows a guy who knows a guy who has slept with John Abraham. We should come up with a matrix or something!

Rakesh said...

Darnit! I was hoping to show some skin and become the next gay icon. And you crashed all my dreams and hopes.

H said...

I think I should be a gay icon. Because at this rate everyone is going to be an icon anyway.
Maybe this is what Warhol meant when he said Everyone's gon' be famous for 15 minutes. I think he shoulda added "due to the Indian media."
Bleargh. Stupid, stupid mediapeeps.

Rambunctious WhipperSnapper said...

@Rakesh: Pics or it didn't happen :P.

@H: I know! They're like a poor man's Oprah: They give away titles like she gives away cars! You are a gay icon, you are a gay icon, EVERYONE GETS TO BE A GAY ICON! Sheesh!

DewdropDream said...

Hilarious! That bit about Ranbir Kapoor especially :D

How come no one's saying anything about Lesbian icons, eh?

Rambunctious WhipperSnapper said...

@DDD: Lesbians?
You mean women in India? Having sex?

With each other??
*gasp* BLASPHEMY!!